Treasure in the Field


I love the parable Jesus told that compares the kingdom of Heaven to a man who discovered a hidden treasure in a field and then, in his joy, sells everything he has to buy the field (Matthew 13:44). It is one verse long and is packed with application in our lives. I know this bores many of my friends, but I’m going to share just five of my thoughts — and ask you to comment if you’d like to add anything.

1. God’s kingdom is worth more than everything I own.

2. Am I willing to sell it all to get the kingdom? (I struggle with this one a lot)

3. The field is always for sale – and the price is always the same.

4. Just because someone gets an identical field — it doesn’t mean they have the treasure. Here is the implication of that point: if we equate the field to how we live, and then compare our lives to the lives of genuine followers of Jesus, just because we look like we follow Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean that we are.

5. If the treasure were moved, the field would lose its value — so we need to focus on the treasure and not the field. Here is the implication of that point: if we equate “religion” or “Christianity” with the field, we need to be constantly aware that neither has eternal value in and of themselves.

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