Jesus and Christianity 


I have some tough news to share. Jesus doesn’t want you to be a part of Christianity. He wasn’t a part of Christianity Himself. More important is the fact that Jesus did not even establish Christianity! You might be a little upset right now. I understand.

Jesus was quite critical of two groups of people during His ministry: the religious and the rich. In fact, the more religious and the more rich you were — the more Jesus would target you.

Obviously, the wealthy were rebuked because they trusted in and loved their belongings more than they trusted and loved God. But, the religious leaders and elite were also chastised because they trusted and loved the structure of their religion and their righteousness more than they trusted and loved God.

My friends, Jesus didn’t call the righteous — Jesus called sinners. He didn’t call people to be religious — He called people to follow Him. The reward was not a promise of material blessings — it was a promise of being persecuted and ostracized. Jesus did not create a list of rules and regulations as a standard — He lived a flawless life of love, humility, giving and sacrifice that we are to imitate.

Christianity is a religion. Coming to this realization may change your life. It might even make you start questioning how and why you do things. My prayer is that it will make you pursue Jesus instead of pursuing a set of religious beliefs.

I still struggle in this area. It is so easy to replace a trust in Jesus with a trust in Christianity. I invite you — I implore you — follow Jesus — not a religion.

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