Son of Man

The title “son of man” is used 100 times or more in the Old Testament … 93 of those are in Ezekiel. God is basically telling Ezekiel that “I am God … and you are human.”

But in Daniel, someone is described who is “LIKE a son of man.” He looks like he is human … but he was taken to the Ancient of Days (God) and given Authority, honor, and sovereignty over all. The Ancient One is described as having white clothes and and hair like pure wool.

Jesus is described as “Son of Man” more than 50 times in the New Testament … almost every time time it is Him describing Himself.

In Daniel, someone like a son of man leaves earth and goes to Heaven to be with God.

In the New Testament, someone leaves Heaven and goes to earth to be like a son of man.

In Revelation 1:13-14 … the person like a Son of Man … is God.

I love that.

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