Prayer of Confidence

Lord I thank you…

For confidence in the fact you love me-

The fact that you always have my best interest at  Heart-

That You are long-suffering-

That You are faithful to Your Word-

That You watch over Your Word to perform it-

That You are the giver of every good gift-

That You have created me for a purpose-

That You are working out that purpose in my life as we speak- 

That You are not a man that You should lie-

That You redeem and restore all that was lost through any 

               and all circumstances including my own rebellion-

That no matter what, You will never leave me nor forsake me-

That You have sealed me with the Holy Spirit-

That the same power that was exerted in You when You were 

                  raised from the dead is alive in my mortal body-

That You came to give me life and life more abundantly-

That when I confess my sin, You are faithful and just to forgive

   my sins and throw them as far as the east is from the west-

I pray You stir up in me an even greater desire to worship

You and to use my gifts for Your Glory-

I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit and Your Word that

You lead me into all truth and increase my faith so I can believe-

I thank You Lord that it is not in my own power or confidence in my abilities that brings success, but it is my confidence in Your ability working through me that empowers me.

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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Thank you Lord for this beautiful morning-

Thank you Lord that Your mercies are renewed every morning-

Thank you Lord that You already have this day laid out before

                             Me and that You have a plan for this day-

Lord I thank you that You make my plans become agreeable to 

                                  Your plans as I give them over to You-

Rachael Wendy Baulch

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Before all of the blessings you have brought to my life

Before reconciliation

Before restoration

Before peace

Before healing

Before I could believe I would make it another day

Before my heart was set free and my mind was still shrouded darkness and grief

In my isolation

In my pain

In my sin

There was You, Oh Lord

You are the Alpha and Omega

You are my beginning and my end

My life is forever tightly bound with Yours

And before I understood

And even though I did not know 

You Lord are enough 

A poem by Rachael Wendy Baulch

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